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ev_webI am a writer and a freelance journalist based in Florence, Italy. Ever since I can remember I loved stories and everything about them, from the storyteller who told them, to the paper they were written on. Because of that, I love listening to people’s stories and sometimes experience them in writing as my own.

I started writing stories years ago, on any napkin or piece of paper I could find. That was how, years later, I found myself holding the first book with my name on it. In 2014, I created the journalistic project,  The human behind the artist (Interviews with artists living in Florence), trying to draw out for the world to see, not only the “alien” side of the artist, which we can often experience through their work, but also their human side that guided them on the path of creativity. I met wonderful human beings, great artists, and beautiful minds. The project led me straight to my next, intriguing book in progress,  “Okay, you’re right!” A collection of life stories with Mark Abouzeid.

I am also a contributing writer and translator for the bilingual newspaper “Florence is you!”, part of the Writers Group in Florence; I teach storytelling workshops for children and writing workshops for teenagers and adults. In 2015 I became the “writing queen” of “Growing Cedars in Air”, an indie documentary about the living heritage and unique culture that has allowed Lebanese to flourish wherever they settle.

I love Florence and everything about it. In some ways, the city has saved me and opened a path for me which I probably wouldn’t have found in any other place (that may also be because there are not enough De Medici stories for me to hear). I also have a husband and a daughter, whom I “torture” every day, and sometimes I tend to speak too much without actually saying anything explicit about myself.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu