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14 years later…

First day of high school. A lot of new faces, a lot of smiles and hand shakes. I sit in front of my classroom door thinking I do not want to step into this new world full of new acquaintances, new dramas, new friendships that will most likely end bad. I take a deep breath, put a fake smile on my face and open the door. Everyone is loud. All the teenagers inside look like displaced ants trying to bring out the best in themselves, to integrate, to not be the dumb one for the next four years. I don’t care. I choose the last bench and watch them struggle to impress. I see him. A dork, making mean jokes, the shortest boy in class, the only one not trying to impress. He is sitting proudly in the first row. For the next year and a half his last name annoyed me and his sight always made me mad.

Third year of high school. I step into a new classroom after a year of absence, making my way towards my desk-mate, a very classy and gallivant young lady. I sit down and notice a new face in front me: a tall, handsome boy with a great smile. My heart melts a little and I ask who is this new guy? The answer? The new guy was the dork from the first year; the mean, insufferable classmate. I start following him for year, learning his schedule, his place in each laboratory, his habits; when finally….

Last year of high school. The insufferable classmate that I now had to have was throwing a party for his birthday on December 6th. My friend and I spent the entire day thinking how to invite ourselves to the party. That was it! He was to be mine to kiss that night. Six hours later, holding a beautifully wrapped gift in my hand I was sitting in my friend’s living room repeating only two sentences over and over again: “Just one kiss. One kiss and then I will get over him.”

14 years later, after that kiss, after that night, the annoying classmate is sitting across me in our living room as my husband. 14 years later we have a three year old daughter that we can’t get enough of. 14 years later we remember how much we hated each other in that first year of high school and we burst into laughter every time.

From hell to heaven, from sorrow to happiness, from depression to tranquility, our 14 year old adventure continues, building new stories. 14 years later it feels like just one more kiss until the next one.

Buletin outside

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Day 210 – After weekend thoughts

This has been such an amazing weekend. I love it when I can combine work with fun and at the end of that day I can just sight and smile in the same time.

Saturday started a little slow, teaching and trying to stay awake in between classes. It’s a good thing my main teaching method includes lots of fun and games, otherwise the classical way would make me yawn and fall asleep faster then the cute midgets I am teaching. The afternoon continued with us as models for a family photo shoot with Mark Abouzeid’s students. We had so much fun watching the poor students chasing my daughter all over the Cascine park, wondering if she will ever stop, if she can ever stop. It was a day we needed to celebrate our anniversary and D‘s birthday and the photo shoot was like a nicely wrapped up present for us. Also there is a saying: the shoemaker never has nice shoes, the photographer never has pictures of himself and I think the list can go on for a while, so having pictures with the three of us is something new and exciting for us (and that doesn’t include selfies hahaha).

After all that fun and games, Sunday morning smiled to me with a nice chamomile tea while taking an interview for The human behind the artist to amazing writer and friend, Marisa Gareffa. There is nothing better than to start your day in a beautiful cemetery, contemplating the morning light falling on the tombs while smoking a cigarette and then listening to an amazing life story of a true artist.

Pointless to say our afternoon was about family time, cuddling in bed and watching cartoons together under the blanket. I will end my day with a much desired coffee and skype across the ocean with a good friend. And thus was the weekend; a weekend about fun, about family, about work and most of all about connecting. I hope you had a beautiful weekend too and if you are around Florence tomorrow, there is a cool event going on called Mercantino and Rinfresco Natalizio,  where you can stop by, admire or buy some amazing jewelry, used books, and all sort of vintage objects, have a glass of something and a nice conversation over a piece of panettone. Maybe I’ll see you there. Over and out!

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Day 204 – Happy birthday Romania!

Today marks the first day of winter and also the passing of 96 years since my country was united under the same flag. Today would have also been my grandmother’s birthday, so this day has always had a double meaning in my family.

Every 1st of December we would wake up, really excited about the military parade that we used watch at TV and later on, on the streets, waving a small flag while the military units passed us by. I miss the parade and watching small clips of the parade posted by people on the Internet today, made me a little home sick. I don’t say this enough, but the country I am from is a beautiful place, with beautiful people, who love their traditions and their roots. Our history, although a little embellished in the history books, is so old and beautiful that we grow up believing in heroes, believing that dreams can come true, if only you have the courage to run towards them.

As if the beautiful parade wasn’t enough, snowflakes invaded the streets today and courtesy to my good friend, Catalin, I can show you how the first day of winter looks like on the streets of Bucharest. Happy birthday Romania! I may be far, but I do miss your snowflakes a lot.1 decembrie1 decembrie 2

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Day 138 – Creative night

Did I tell you people how amazing this group I am part of, Creative People in Florence, is? Last night, Anna and Sara organized yet another magnificent aperitivo event, to welcome all our new members in the group and to reunite with some of the regulars.

As in any creative crowd the people were beautiful, the food was great and the discussions filled with just enough spices to intrigue. We couldn’t miss this event, so from out littlest to our oldest (believe it or not that means me), we went and had a wonderful time. I have met many friends there, some of which I haven’t seen in such a long time and missed them, but I have also met some wonderful new additions to the group. Another think that struck me was that it has been a year since I have found the creatives and completely changed my life. Besides making some good friends, I have started to work on a lot of projects and have craved for anything creative ever since. I have said it before and I will say it again: it’s great to be among people who are as crazy as you are, as insane to the outside word as you are and as eager to create as you are. Artists are indeed freaks of nature and such beautiful freaks they are.

Seeing my daughter in the arms of one of my friends and fellow writer, Lee, not moving for an hour, just eating sandwiches and bread sticks and listening to the, what I am sure was a very intellectual conversation, that he had with the other writers at the table, was wonderful and made me think how close she will be growing up to art, to writing, to artists. So many options, so many choices and such a beautiful path right in front of her (of course she will turn around and join a corporation hahahaha) and although her choice could not be anything related to art or creativity, at least I know she will experience this side of the world too, which not many of us are fortunate to be close to.

Those being said, have a creative evening and until tomorrow let’s dream about time standing still so we can make our dreams come true faster.

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Ready for a new contest? The very talented photographer of the house is getting ready to give away an amazing prize for a very lucky winner, so today is all about spreading the word on the streets. I wish you all good luck and I can’t wait to see the outcome and meet the winner. You will find the conditions of entering the contest below, both in English and Italian.

English / Italiano

Hey guys,
Timmi Studio and Writer in Florence are giving away a FREE outdoor/on location photoshoot to one of you (portrait / senior / engagement/ family*/ maternity / newborn / baby)  → 260 € value ←.

Here’s what it includes :

• A 1-2 hours outdoor/on-location session in the Florence area(portrait/ senior/ engagement/ family*/ maternity/ newborn/ baby)
• A private, online viewing gallery to view/share images with your friends and family (within 10 days of your session, but often sooner)
• An optional Facebook gallery (re-sized for optimal web-viewing)
• 10-15 fully edited images ready to print
*Family sessions may include up to four people.

How to win…

1. LIKE Timmi Studio Facebook Page and Writer In Florence Facebook Page

If you already follow us on Facebook, you’re one step ahead!

2. SHARE the Giveaway post (from Timmi Studio or Writer in Florence facebook page) on your timeline and write “Check out this FREE photoshoot Giveaway”

3.  After you’ve done the above entries SEND US AN EMAIL at (or you can use the contact form from here) and let us know that you have completed ALL the mandatory entries and include your facebook username. Don’t forget to include what type of photoshoot you want to win…

Last day to enter :  September 30, 2014

The WINNER will be picked at random. Check back October 3rd to see who the lucky winner is!

All valid participants will receive a 25 % coupon discount on all photo sessions booked until November 1, 2014 (the coupon can be used only once)


1.  Winner of the photoshoot giveaway can live anywhere in the world, however, they must find their own way to the photoshoot which will be in Florence, Italy. ( if the winner should not be able to travel to Florence, Italy, they will be able to redeem their photoshoot by arranging for the photographer, Dorin Vasilescu, and photography assistant, to fly to the winner’s location. Return flight must be provided as well )
2. Winner of the photoshoot giveaway can give it as a gift to another person only if both had completed ALL mandatory entries for entering in this  FREE photoshoot Giveaway.
3. Photoshoot must be scheduled within 1 month (30 days) of the contest completion date when the winner is announced. If the winner doesn’t schedule a date with the photographer within that time, the prize will be forfeited and the next runner up will be awarded the photoshoot
4. Photoshoot must take place within a 3 months of the contest completion date, on a mutually agreed date and time.
5. Creative licences and copyright of the images photographed will be owned, and are sole property of the photographer, Dorin Vasilescu. If images are to be used for advertising purposes, or for the winner to make money off of, that will have to be discussed with the photographer first and the winner will have to purchase the rights to the photograph.
6. It is up to the contest winner to provide their own hair stylist, makeup, wardrobe styling.(talented artists can be recommended if the winner is hoping to obtain such services)

English / Italiano

Ciao a tutti,

Timmi Studio e Writer in Florence regalano una sessione fotografica GRATUITA (esterna o in location) (ritratto/ senior/fidanzamento/famiglia (fino a quattro persone)/maternità/neonato/bambino) → 260 € valore ←.

Ecco cosa include:

•Una sessione fotografica esterna o in location di 1-2 ore (ritrato / senior / fidanzamento / famiglia (fino a quattro persone) / maternità / neonato / bambino)
•Una galleria online privata per visualizzare/condividere le imagini con i tuoi amici o familiari (entro 10 giorni della vostra sessione, ma spesso prima)
•Una galleria su Facebook , optionale (con i file ottimizati per web)
•10-15 immagini completamente editatem pronte per la stampa

Come vincere …

1. Clicca MI PIACE  sulla pagina Facebook Timmi Studio e sulla pagina Facebook Writer In Florence 

Se ci segui già su Facebook, sei un passo avanti!

2. CONDIVIDI sul tuo diario il posto Sessione foto GRATUITA (dalla pagina di facebook – Timmi Studio o dalla pagina -Writer in Florence)  e scrivi “Vinci una sessione fotografica GRATUITA !”

3. Dopo aver completato le voci di cui sopra INVIACI UNA MAIL a (oppure è possibile utilizzare il modulo di contatto da qui) e facci sapere di aver completato tutte le diciture obbligatorie , il tuo nome utente di facebook e non dimenticare di specificare il tipo di servizio fotografico che vorresti vincere …

Ultimo giorno per partecipare: 30 settembre 2014

Il vincitore sarà scelto a caso. Tornate al 3 ottobre a vedere chi sarà il fortunato vincitore !

Tutti coloro che parteciperanno al concorso seguendo il regolamento, riceveranno uno sconto  del 25% su tutte le sessioni fotografiche prenotate entro il 1 novembre, 2014 (il coupon può essere utilizzato solo una volta)


1.  Il vincitore può vivere in qualsiasi parte del mondo, ma la sessione fotografica vinta si terrà a Firenze, Italia.
2. Il vincitore del concorso può cedere il premio ad un’altra persona solo se entrambi hanno completato tutte le voci obbligatorie per partecipare al concorso.
3. Il servizio fotografico deve essere programmato entro 1 mese (30 giorni) dalla data di chiusura del concorso in verrà annunciato il vincitore. Se il vincitore non prende un appuntamento con il fotografo entro tale termine, il premio sarà ritirato e assegnato al secondo classificato che a quel punto diverrà il nuovo vincitore
4.  Il servizio fotografico deve essere effettuato entro 3 mesi dalla data di chiusura del concorso, concordando in anticipo data e orario.
5.Le licenze Creative e diritti d’autore delle immagini fotografate saranno  e sono di proprietà esclusiva del fotografo, Dorin Vasilescu. Se il vincitore sarà interessato ad utilizzare le immagini per scopi pubblicitari, o di lucro  , dovrà acquistare i diritti per  questo utilizzo.
6. È compito al vincitore del concorso di fornire il proprio parrucchiere, trucco, styling. (possiamo raccomandare artisti se il vvincitore desidera procurarsi tali servizi)

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Day 76 – Some anniversary thoughts

Six years ago, I compromised and woke up early in the morning because I had made a promise to take someone else’s name that day, his name. It seemed like a beautiful, sunny day and I remember being extremely nervous, not because I was about to get married, but because I was terrified something would change between us (yes, I am the one with manly fears around the house). Seconds before leaving the house and heading to the City Hall, we stood in the hallway and exchanged wedding rings, just like that, simple and sealed with a kiss. We then headed to the real ceremony and said our recognized by the law “I do’s!”. There were no funny events that I could tell you about and no mixed emotions whatsoever. I could even say that it looked like a normal day, except the tone of flowers, the laughter and the kissing.


Eight people were present to witness our official bond and after a nice lunch with them, we called all of our friends (they had no idea we were supposed to get married that day) and celebrated our own way: at home, with lots of alcohol, good food and crazy outbursts among good friends. They all showed up at our place and we greeted them with a shout: “Surprise!!!!” and after some serious hugging and kissing, we started dancing. Oh and the party we had was so wild, that the pictures and the videos got lost over the years; no proof is left, but our memories and some of the lyrics of “No woman, no cry”, sang with a broom for a microphone, which still buzzes in my ears every year, this day.

And because I started talking about my fear of change, I must say, except the name and the houses and countries and cities and some additions to our family, nothing did change. We are still the same people, with the same dreams (we should work on that hahaha) and we still can’t imagine life one without the other. So, here is to us and a special thank you to Florence that decided to celebrate with us today and talked to some clouds to bring some anniversary storms our way. No harm done, we like dancing in the rain and after all, in our country rain means good luck and richness; so let it pour, we’ll postpone the fun for tomorrow.