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Writing in the cemetery

cemetery-1697469_1280Sitting in an old cemetery writing…

A few days ago I received a beautiful present: the keys to an old cemetery to come and write in silence. After only two hours here, my fingers are flying madly on the keyboard and already finished a week’s worth of work. But there is more to it. The silence. There is a special silence coming from somewhere within this place, a sort of tranquility that one can only find inside the deeps of their soul.

The sun is setting over the graves and I wonder what is their story? Did anyone write their stories, documented their experiences, enjoyed their company? I may never find out, but I will enjoy the positive energy this place is vibrating with.

Sitting in an old cemetery writing….


Day 350 – Still foggy

This Sunday was kind of weird. Aside from the constant sleeping sensation and staying in bed until midday, you would think that one would be relaxed and rested after ten hours of sleep. Not exactly, giving that when the rain started knocking at my window I just went right back to sleep.

I took a break from work before even starting to work and the truth is that after a long walk and a great caappuccino I felt revigorated again. Deadlines, deadlines and more deadlines, but sunny days are coming. In just a couple of weeks I will finish two of my projects and can completely concentrate on those that I left behind. Speaking of which, I am confused about how to celebrate the big finish of this project. All ideas are welcome so feel free to message me and tell me where you want to have a glass of wine together.

All in all, I am ending this weird, foggy Sunday, typing my way towards the finish line. Deadlines are killers and lurking from around every corner, waiting for me to make a mistake or close my eyes for a second. So, hoping that you all had a wonderful Sunday and a great weekend, have a good night world!

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Day 334 – From ecstasy to joy and finally to despair

Today I have managed to get a job, to enjoy an afternoon with friends and to get my daughter to the emergency room. All in one day.

I woke up this morning and let me tell you the world looks different at 6 am. It’s really strange to see a seaside of humans in the tram or the bus, being very quiet and wobbling like penguins while waiting to get at their bus stop. Well my bus stop was far away, 50 minutes away, so by the end of my trip I was already exhausted. After being placed in a room with twenty other people waiting quietly to be called inside a small room, my senses have revived. Those people were my rivals and I needed to look awake and professional. After a ten minutes interview I left the room with a job in my hands. I couldn’t believe that sometimes all it takes is to have the right person in front of you for ten minutes. This is the ecstasy part of the day.

After that good news struck me, I hurried to pick up the photos from the exhibit Ephia was in last month. I was so excited to get the prints and hang them on our walls and also to have coffee with a friend which turned out to be coffee with two friends. 🙂 We talked, shared stories, wisdom, laughed while slowly roasting under the rays of sun. And this was the joyful part of the day.

I know you all want me to get to the tragedy part sooner. Well, the tragedy wasn’t that we went to the emergency room, but the experience I have had there. We went because her left arm was a little swollen and she showed signs of having severe pains at certain movements. When we got there we went through the normal triage process and off to the waiting room. Ephia was seen by a doctor who either didn’t like me just because or she had a really bad day and took it out on me. She was okay with my daughter but she treated me like a piece of crap. After blaming me for numerous, ridiculous things, she started telling me that she wants to do a maneuver on her that she herself doesn’t think it is necessary. At first I was confused, but later on I just got angry. Why aren’t doctors and teachers collaborating with parents and vice versa? Aren’t we suppose to support each other and not judging each other? Don’t we have the same goal that we need to focus on together instead of looking to blame each other? I am lost.

I refused the unnecessary procedure and waited for her X-rays. I didn’t even mind the wait at first, but I think 3 hours in the emergency room with a two year old is too much for anyone. And plus this woman has basically managed to make me feel like the worst mother in the world in just 20 minutes on the three different consults. We got home a little before midnight and although I am still angry and unsure about what happened, I am happy Ephia is fine and nothing has been broken.

This was the kind of day I had today. A incredible roller coaster that literally took my breath away.

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Day 288 – Never ending project

I woke up today breathing in the morning’s sunshine. I took my daughter for a walk and thought this is a good day to just have fun and relax. But then the phone rang and reality hit me with a lot of deadlines that have to be met by the end of the week, so no minutes to spear.

The 72 days that are left from this project are starting to kill me. I honestly thought that the ending won’t be that hard, that I will get used to it so much and not even notice it after a while. Far from the truth, if in the beginning I was complaining about not having any topics to write about, now my only complaint is that I don’t have the time to write them. If I look closely at this project and browse it a little I will find a lot of articles about my issues with time. So weird given that time doesn’t even exist.

The new, interesting challenge after finishing this project will be to keep on writing every day, no matter if it is for myself, for the blog or for the two books I am trying to put together. Meanwhile I salute you and wish you a nice beginning of the week. Let’s keep busy! I hear busy is the new happy.

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Day 221 – Writer’s block

If you know any writers, you will hear these words coming out of their mouths at least once. Wikipedia defines a  writer’s block as a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. I slightly disagree, but also very much agree with that. Confusing right?

The writer’s block I am experiencing right now has nothing to do with my ability to produce more work, but with my lack of time. I know, I am always complaining about time and constantly want to find a black market to buy some extra hours,but… I have a million new ideas, I am working on four things at once and, although I am excited about all the things I am doing, sometimes I fall asleep on the couch while reading and am very mad about it the next day. These are the moments when you hate sleep. But we always hate sleeping or eating whenever we feel like we have much more important things we should do, right?

So, as far as I can see, I am in the totally opposite position than the writer that experiences a writer’s block, but, on the other hand I am incapable of producing new work. Seriously, a black market for buying time!  Let’s look at the bright side of this lack of time situation: I do not have time for a writer’s block, therefor I think I am on the best path I could be.

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Ready for a new contest? The very talented photographer of the house is getting ready to give away an amazing prize for a very lucky winner, so today is all about spreading the word on the streets. I wish you all good luck and I can’t wait to see the outcome and meet the winner. You will find the conditions of entering the contest below, both in English and Italian.

English / Italiano

Hey guys,
Timmi Studio and Writer in Florence are giving away a FREE outdoor/on location photoshoot to one of you (portrait / senior / engagement/ family*/ maternity / newborn / baby)  → 260 € value ←.

Here’s what it includes :

• A 1-2 hours outdoor/on-location session in the Florence area(portrait/ senior/ engagement/ family*/ maternity/ newborn/ baby)
• A private, online viewing gallery to view/share images with your friends and family (within 10 days of your session, but often sooner)
• An optional Facebook gallery (re-sized for optimal web-viewing)
• 10-15 fully edited images ready to print
*Family sessions may include up to four people.

How to win…

1. LIKE Timmi Studio Facebook Page and Writer In Florence Facebook Page

If you already follow us on Facebook, you’re one step ahead!

2. SHARE the Giveaway post (from Timmi Studio or Writer in Florence facebook page) on your timeline and write “Check out this FREE photoshoot Giveaway”

3.  After you’ve done the above entries SEND US AN EMAIL at (or you can use the contact form from here) and let us know that you have completed ALL the mandatory entries and include your facebook username. Don’t forget to include what type of photoshoot you want to win…

Last day to enter :  September 30, 2014

The WINNER will be picked at random. Check back October 3rd to see who the lucky winner is!

All valid participants will receive a 25 % coupon discount on all photo sessions booked until November 1, 2014 (the coupon can be used only once)


1.  Winner of the photoshoot giveaway can live anywhere in the world, however, they must find their own way to the photoshoot which will be in Florence, Italy. ( if the winner should not be able to travel to Florence, Italy, they will be able to redeem their photoshoot by arranging for the photographer, Dorin Vasilescu, and photography assistant, to fly to the winner’s location. Return flight must be provided as well )
2. Winner of the photoshoot giveaway can give it as a gift to another person only if both had completed ALL mandatory entries for entering in this  FREE photoshoot Giveaway.
3. Photoshoot must be scheduled within 1 month (30 days) of the contest completion date when the winner is announced. If the winner doesn’t schedule a date with the photographer within that time, the prize will be forfeited and the next runner up will be awarded the photoshoot
4. Photoshoot must take place within a 3 months of the contest completion date, on a mutually agreed date and time.
5. Creative licences and copyright of the images photographed will be owned, and are sole property of the photographer, Dorin Vasilescu. If images are to be used for advertising purposes, or for the winner to make money off of, that will have to be discussed with the photographer first and the winner will have to purchase the rights to the photograph.
6. It is up to the contest winner to provide their own hair stylist, makeup, wardrobe styling.(talented artists can be recommended if the winner is hoping to obtain such services)

English / Italiano

Ciao a tutti,

Timmi Studio e Writer in Florence regalano una sessione fotografica GRATUITA (esterna o in location) (ritratto/ senior/fidanzamento/famiglia (fino a quattro persone)/maternità/neonato/bambino) → 260 € valore ←.

Ecco cosa include:

•Una sessione fotografica esterna o in location di 1-2 ore (ritrato / senior / fidanzamento / famiglia (fino a quattro persone) / maternità / neonato / bambino)
•Una galleria online privata per visualizzare/condividere le imagini con i tuoi amici o familiari (entro 10 giorni della vostra sessione, ma spesso prima)
•Una galleria su Facebook , optionale (con i file ottimizati per web)
•10-15 immagini completamente editatem pronte per la stampa

Come vincere …

1. Clicca MI PIACE  sulla pagina Facebook Timmi Studio e sulla pagina Facebook Writer In Florence 

Se ci segui già su Facebook, sei un passo avanti!

2. CONDIVIDI sul tuo diario il posto Sessione foto GRATUITA (dalla pagina di facebook – Timmi Studio o dalla pagina -Writer in Florence)  e scrivi “Vinci una sessione fotografica GRATUITA !”

3. Dopo aver completato le voci di cui sopra INVIACI UNA MAIL a (oppure è possibile utilizzare il modulo di contatto da qui) e facci sapere di aver completato tutte le diciture obbligatorie , il tuo nome utente di facebook e non dimenticare di specificare il tipo di servizio fotografico che vorresti vincere …

Ultimo giorno per partecipare: 30 settembre 2014

Il vincitore sarà scelto a caso. Tornate al 3 ottobre a vedere chi sarà il fortunato vincitore !

Tutti coloro che parteciperanno al concorso seguendo il regolamento, riceveranno uno sconto  del 25% su tutte le sessioni fotografiche prenotate entro il 1 novembre, 2014 (il coupon può essere utilizzato solo una volta)


1.  Il vincitore può vivere in qualsiasi parte del mondo, ma la sessione fotografica vinta si terrà a Firenze, Italia.
2. Il vincitore del concorso può cedere il premio ad un’altra persona solo se entrambi hanno completato tutte le voci obbligatorie per partecipare al concorso.
3. Il servizio fotografico deve essere programmato entro 1 mese (30 giorni) dalla data di chiusura del concorso in verrà annunciato il vincitore. Se il vincitore non prende un appuntamento con il fotografo entro tale termine, il premio sarà ritirato e assegnato al secondo classificato che a quel punto diverrà il nuovo vincitore
4.  Il servizio fotografico deve essere effettuato entro 3 mesi dalla data di chiusura del concorso, concordando in anticipo data e orario.
5.Le licenze Creative e diritti d’autore delle immagini fotografate saranno  e sono di proprietà esclusiva del fotografo, Dorin Vasilescu. Se il vincitore sarà interessato ad utilizzare le immagini per scopi pubblicitari, o di lucro  , dovrà acquistare i diritti per  questo utilizzo.
6. È compito al vincitore del concorso di fornire il proprio parrucchiere, trucco, styling. (possiamo raccomandare artisti se il vvincitore desidera procurarsi tali servizi)

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Day 117 – “A lie is more comfortable than doubt, more useful than love, more lasting than truth.”

Today I came across this quote that G.G. Marquez said and believed in and I stand by it entirely. Whenever life deceives you, whenever tears come crawling from deep inside your dying soul, whenever the blackness overcomes your so called optimism, the only thing that can save you is a lie.

Lies can provide the few moments of pure joy in life, like when you see your new born baby for the first time and although most people can see his ugliness, your brain lies to you in making you think your baby is the most beautiful thing you ever saw. But lies can also make your life a nightmare and in my country there is a saying that states: “No good lie is left undiscovered”.  Let’s think only about the benefits of lies for a moment. Truth will always make one uncomfortable no matter how big or small and thus lying is easier and sometimes if not always pleasant. When you don’t own your life and spend as much time as possible trying to keep secrets from the world, lying is the handiest option you have. Sometimes you even forget the reality of your stories, so you can truthfully say that whatever comes out of your mouth is anything but a lie.

I love lies. They make me twirl and spin and twist out of excitement and always give me a reason to chase something new, something undiscovered, some kind of a mystery. I love people who lie. They are vulnerable and easy to listen and if you really pay attention you can almost hear the laughter of the truth that awaits to be revealed. I have done my share of lying. I have some drawers that I don’t remember building, but they are filled with lies that wait to be released into the world. Or maybe I will never release them; maybe I will grow them wings and let them fly outside of myself. Even that is a lie if not for anything else but for the fact that truth can never sound as good as that, it can never build metaphors and it’s never poetic. As a writer I am madly in love with anything a lie has to offer me; I will never detest it, I will never chase it away and I will always stand by its side even if its shield will fall on the ground and unleash the ugliness of it.

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Day 107 – The kind of writer I think I am

Yesterday I was talking about things that inspire me, places I encounter and people I sometimes meet. Today I will tell you one of the things that inspires me the most when I am writing short stories.

I am fascinated by the human sorrow and people’s life stories. Each and every person I know has a particular story and something they have suffered greatly for, either if it was a dead pet or family member, if they were abused or just ignored as children and the list can go on forever. No matter how big or small their sorrow is it will always be a part of who they are and who they came to be. But, to get back to the title of this article, most of the time I am a morbid writer. My characters never have a clear facial description nor a name. I think I don’t name them because when naming a thing it loses a part of its meaning and it becomes somehow superficial. Names identify a person or an object and you instantly think about what that object does or how many other people you’ve met having the same name and what were they like; because they are nameless, you can never do that with my characters. Also a name can later mean attachment and I can’t allow myself or anyone else who reads my stories to get attached to any of them because they are suppose to make you feel and not visualize. The people in my stories are entirely made out of feelings and although they have never leaned to express them, I am constructing them to pass their emotions to the readers while self-destructing the character itself. I never allow myself to have a favorite and although it may seem like I do sometimes, I treat them the same and hardly ever one of them stays alive to see the ending of their own story. I am the kind of writer who will almost never make you laugh, but I hope will make you think and connect with your inner self, identify your own grief and pain or acknowledge the sorrow some people can endure, like a rapist or the owner of a whorehouse, a mother who abandoned her child or a defenseless child who was abused by his step father. That’s why people’s stories are important to me because each story is special and must be treated exactly as it deserves. There are no boring individuals, there are only those who haven’t discovered themselves and have a long way to go before they do. Someone asked me what do I do with all the secrets people tell me. I must say that some I keep for myself in a little jar of secrets and admire while remembering the person who told them to me and some I chose to put on paper striping them of their names and all other identifying characteristics and extracting only their naked, sometimes brutal feelings to impact others.

So this is the kind of writer I think I am when writing short stories: a little morbid and dark, crossing a lot of limits, sometimes too straightforward and other times too evasive. My intentions are never to make my reader suffer but to accept other people’s suffering and learn from that. But you know, when it comes to writers sometime intentions change by the minute and to be completely honest, mine are different with each story I write.

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Day 63 – The hypocrite and tacit comunication

While trying to organize the stuff from my computer, I’ve found this and remembered I used to love it. It’s dedicated to a very close friend of mine, who at some point, forgot about everyone else around her and was expecting the world to be exclusively at her feet only. The funniest thing was, that she read this on my blog at the time and loved it saying: “These kind of people should be shot! They have no consideration for other people’s feelings.” This goes and shows you that some people will never recognize themselves in other people’s words, even if you spell it out for them.

His black eyes were withered by the remains of his unwiped tears. He was looking into the deepness of your nakedness and was trying to show you that you are nothing but a hypocrite. His skin, burnt and dehydrated by the sun, was caressing yours in a frail attempt to make you feel something, anything. He, mute and unnoticeable for you, only wished you would have known him for who he was; you instead, were celebrating the height of your hypocrisy and turn him into an invisible form, a tacit form. He turns his gaze and sensing your weaknesses, hopes to never hear a sound from you again. Your laments become knifes that rip his flesh from the bones and he still tries, with his last strength, to ask for your help. You pierce his being, disregarding his pain, pushing your needs above his. He charges like an animal and bites; perplexed and ungrateful, you look into his eyes and ask for his gratitude and love. The poor sicken by you, of you, bastard, closes his eyes as if to forget you between blinks, turns away and tries to rediscover your first memory together.

(I listen while you speak and try to cure your meaningfulness; you look at me and speak, hoping that I will never need for you to listen).