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Day 104 – My August


Remember I was saying here how my American friends are deserting me? Well, one of them came back today and I couldn’t be more thrilled. He was a little zombie looking like and and a little offline, but who wouldn’t after all those hours spent in the air. I guess jet lag is a bitch and I hope I can find that out on my own skin sometime soon.

August seems to wrap up its things and move out of the city quickly, because the streets are seeing more and more cars every day, I have to look out for available parking spaces and also my building is starting to act like its alive, which means people are coming back from their vacations. This was the best summer in Florence ever; the weather fulfilled my needs perfectly and the constant thunderstorms were a lovely addition (hopefully there will be more of those).

Seeing people coming back from the seaside or wherever, I realized with the passing of August I started to regret that we didn’t go back home to visit this year. We don’t actually miss going home and that was never an issue, but this year I would have loved to just travel through the country, showing Ephia the places we love, randomly selecting cities to go and revisit; you know, driving, stopping for lunch or a coffee, taking quick picture breaks and then go on the road again. There is also this feeling that Italy always gives me when August is coming to an end: I feel like the year is almost over and I need to make plans for the new one, but maybe that’s just my cricket life style that screams from deep inside of me. I need to enjoy the rest of this month that has been good to me and practice my autumn dance because it’s coming on soon. Over and out!



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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu