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Day 105 – Sunday habits


I am beginning to love Sunday mornings. It became kind of a family ritual to wake up together, go to our favorite pastry place, grab a cappuccino and a creamy cake and enjoy a conversation about nothing while watching Ephia gobbling her piece of cake. The normal ritual after a morning like that, is making lunch together and then while Ephia has her nap one of us goes out, usually with an artist friend.

Today I will be the one leaving the house and enjoying a lovely afternoon in the company of my favorite painter and sculptor, as Frank has finally claimed his prize, the glass of wine downtown.

Sunday evenings are normally very lazy and although we easily accept to play around the house and destroy any kind of tidiness that exists around us, we don’t feel like dragging our lazy asses outside and go to the park (but the trip to the park happens more often than we would like). I have a feeling that this evening I will watch my daughter poking the water from the pound with a stick at out normal spot where ducks are friendly and turtles are playing hide and seek.

This is what Sundays are like in our family for some time now and I think we can get used to this and make it a permanent habit. May you all have a wonderful Sunday and a good week start.

P.S. As I am writing this, my daughter is cooking some imaginary meals for his father in the next room and I can hear them barging for the food and her making him eat, no excuses allowed (hahahaha).

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu