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Day 108 – Funny potty training stories


When you are raising a toddler there comes that moment when you have to introduce panties and the toilet to him or her. In my case I have started a while back but in a casual no pressure way. Some weeks ago, realizing that summer will be almost over soon, I said to myself I should raise the bar a little and get rid of diapers while in the house, hoping that by the end of the summer we can get rid of them all together. All went well, of course with the occasional peeing on the armchairs or on the floor, washing panties like crazy and running to the bathroom every two hours but other then that we were on schedule, until today.

Sometimes, like today, I don’t have time to eat lunch with my daughter, so I feed her and after I finish my chores, I eat too. Today I made myself an amazing bowl of pasta con zucchine e gamberetti and I couldn’t wait to put my taste buds to work, when Ephia saw me and reached her hands in the air to be picked up and taste some of my food too. Before I continue, I must admit that I can get disgusted very easily and my bowels are very sensitive to gross events happening around me or to me. So, I picked her up and she was enjoying the pasta with both her hands while I was trying to get the fork into my mouth too. These are moments that I love and we are having the best time sharing food and teasing each other that we will feed one another when in fact no one gets anything in their mouth. Anyway, she wasn’t wearing a diaper, if I forgot to mention that. What came next can be either funny or really unsavory. As an advice, if you are potty training your toddler, never ever hold him on your lap, especially if you are eating and enjoying your meal, because he can poop on you. Exactly, she did just that and was really upset, still holding a piece of pasta in her hand, when I lifted her in the air, disturbing her relish, and ran to the bathroom. After that the war with my nausea begun, but I have survived and no more disgusting events happened so I am safe for now.

What can I say? This potty training business is beginning to be both annoying as well as writing funny stories material and although nobody likes to be pooped on, think about what a traumatizing story I have to blackmail her with when her boyfriend comes by (hahahaha I would never do that, but I would love to see her face when I will threaten her that I will). So, dear moms, write this down: NEVER hold your toddler on your lap if he isn’t wearing a diaper.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu