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Day 112 – Giardino di Boboli and another amazing Sunday


After a twenty minutes meeting with another fascinating artist who will be interviewed for The human behind the artist project, we walked towards the Boboli Gardens where Ephia and D were waiting for us. I haven’t been there in such a long time and strolling through the garden now as a resident felt differently somehow, but in a good way. When you are a tourist in Florence you want to suck everything in as fast as you can so that you can keep as much as you can gather, with you when you go back home, but when you live here, and you go over the same places you have seen as a tourist, they make you feel like you belong somehow. Besides the awful heat, the stroll, the friendly chat, watching my daughter feeding small rocks to the ducks, which her father hold in his hand for her to pick up, was all refreshing and gave me just enough to keep me going next week.

Because a good friend teased us with his spaghetti alla carbonara dish a couple of days before, that was all we wanted to have for lunch and we couldn’t wait to get home and make it. Ephia offered us another fun scene when she started gobbling her spaghetti with both hands and of course after such an energy consuming morning and a lunch like that, she need it a cool shower with her ducks and her toy sprinkler.

We ended another amazing Sunday with a girls evening out in the park, watching Ephia trying out all the sliders, all the swings and feeding all the ducks in the pound (lots of ducks involved in our activities today hahaha). We finally got home exhausted and after the normal routine before going to bed, like jumping in the giant bed and making funny faces to each other, I smiled thinking that I wouldn’t want any other life for myself. Sunday nights always bring Starbucks coffee time on Skype with a good friend and tonight I have ended my day talking about new projects waiting to be revealed and old ones waiting to be finished and launched into the world. Lately each Sunday gave me a little bit more fun, a little bit more hope and a little bit more family time which is amazing and comforting. All that being said, I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday too!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu