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Day 129 – Opinions


Everyone has an opinion about everything and everyone else. We are entitled to our opinions nowadays and we can throw them in the air, not caring if they hurt or if they are need it or not, just because we have the right to speak up.

Your life is analyzed and thought of in a much better way than you by your friends, family or even acquaintances and they all know best, as if they are the ones turning off the lights in your house every night, or see you cry or laugh whenever you feel like it. I love freedom of speech, it is what allows me to speak up now and in numerous occasions, but abusing of that freedom and not doing anything else, but hurt others, is vicious and out of line. For instance, you can not and should not ever tell someone how to raise their children, unless you see actual abuse and you have to report it, but other then that keep your damn opinions to yourself and don’t ever share them just because you can. Another good one is about what one should do with his love life. Do you actually think that people who have a “troubled” love life, or are single are idiots too? Again, I am not talking about the exceptions when your opinion is not need it but your help is. I just want to know, who gives anyone the right to give free advice when it’s not asked for?

I constantly hear around me: “She has no idea what she is doing! If it were me…”, or “What an idiot, look at his life. What a mess!” Well, maybe they all like their mess and even if they don’t they should be allowed to decide by themselves and for themselves. And this goes for everyone, because even you or I are someone’s friend, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, acquaintance and so on and at some point regardless of our intelligence we claim we know best than others regarding their own life. But the truth is, we never know what happens in a man’s house; we never know if he is happy or not in his private space and maybe not even his lover knows, or best friend, or parents, because deep down we are all alone and we will always be alone in our heads, exactly the way we were born into this world.

I have said this many times, and I will say it again: people have masks and they will never show you their true self because sometimes they don’t even know what that is. So, stop having stupid opinions about another’s life. It’s useless and you are wasting precious time making suppositions about how should one live his life. Instead, be a friend, listen to someone who really wants to talk, open your mind when someone is different and offer your help if you feel someone needs it, but most importantly, instead of judging, be there when you are asked to.

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Ela Vasilescu

I’m a writer based in Florence, Italy.

Human nature inspires me, different cultures, traditions, folk stories and the differences which make us unique. Documenting stories is a privilege, a glimpse into humanity, an unforgettable experience, one which I embrace and honour every day.

If you have a story twitching in the back of your pocket, one that is ready to be told, shared and heard, chances are I will be ready to listen; so don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu