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Day 13 – For a special guy


Today one of my favorite people is celebrating his 29th birthday. Supposedly he is my cousin in-law (if that’s a thing), but I’ve always seen him as a funny, crazy, sometimes weird friend. I must say that I tend not to have many close friends, and most certainly I don’t brag about them, but in some kind of strange way he got stuck in the top five. Maybe because he is weird, in a good way and he manages to make me laugh even if I want to kill him; I guess it’s a skill.

I remember clearly the times before I met him, when D was telling me stories about this cousin of his and I always imagined this short, fat, geeky guy with glasses. The joke was on me because except the glasses, everything else was wrong. Well at least I got one right. He has a unique way of teasing me and although sometimes we don’t speak for months, it feels like only minutes have gone by. Oh, and he also managed to stay single which amazes me because he’s such a nice guy (inside joke). So happy birthday Motto!!!! I wish for you to have a wonderful day and may this year top the last one by far.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu