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Day 133 – Sunday again


Oh yes, it’s that day of the week again, when we get to wake up almost in time for lunch and then we have our “morning” coffee at the best pastry in Florence. Today while “gossiping” about last night’s projection party hosted by Anna Rose, we watched Ephia digging into a creamy cake with two teaspoons in her hands and drawing a milk foam mustache on her face, when sipping from her little cup. This has become a beautiful ritual which gives us exactly those twenty minutes we need to state the most important things that happened to us the week before and making plans for the coming week.

As I am writing this, my upstairs neighbor decided to give me a piano concert, so although some notes are being mixed in the wrong way, it seems that I can still enjoy some time alone with the keyboard, while Ephia naps on piano noise. I love this house so much, but despite that my true desire is to find a house on the same street and get rid of all these weird habits my neighbors have and I am obligated to live with.

I hope this evening will bring ice cream and a long walk, although I could bet on all of us being lazy and just sit around the house, maybe jump in bed for a while or just enjoy our company. Those being said, have a wonderful Sunday and a great start of the week tomorrow. Over and out!

P.S. The piano concert is getting louder and louder and I hope is loud enough in their house so she can’t hear her parents have sex in the other room like I can.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu