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Day 138 – Creative night


Did I tell you people how amazing this group I am part of, Creative People in Florence, is? Last night, Anna and Sara organized yet another magnificent aperitivo event, to welcome all our new members in the group and to reunite with some of the regulars.

As in any creative crowd the people were beautiful, the food was great and the discussions filled with just enough spices to intrigue. We couldn’t miss this event, so from out littlest to our oldest (believe it or not that means me), we went and had a wonderful time. I have met many friends there, some of which I haven’t seen in such a long time and missed them, but I have also met some wonderful new additions to the group. Another think that struck me was that it has been a year since I have found the creatives and completely changed my life. Besides making some good friends, I have started to work on a lot of projects and have craved for anything creative ever since. I have said it before and I will say it again: it’s great to be among people who are as crazy as you are, as insane to the outside word as you are and as eager to create as you are. Artists are indeed freaks of nature and such beautiful freaks they are.

Seeing my daughter in the arms of one of my friends and fellow writer, Lee, not moving for an hour, just eating sandwiches and bread sticks and listening to the, what I am sure was a very intellectual conversation, that he had with the other writers at the table, was wonderful and made me think how close she will be growing up to art, to writing, to artists. So many options, so many choices and such a beautiful path right in front of her (of course she will turn around and join a corporation hahahaha) and although her choice could not be anything related to art or creativity, at least I know she will experience this side of the world too, which not many of us are fortunate to be close to.

Those being said, have a creative evening and until tomorrow let’s dream about time standing still so we can make our dreams come true faster.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu