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Day 140 – Sunday, Sunday, Sunday


This is becoming like a Sunday ritual, me writing about my amazing Sundays. Well, this Sunday wasn’t as great as the last one, but still pretty fun.

We started our day with a ride on the bus and tram to the center. Unfortunately for us, when we got there, the streets were packed because of the “Corri la vita” manifestation and when you are trying to make your way through the masses with a toddler, well, let’s say things can get a bit edgy. But we are brave girls and we had planned a nice walk through the Boboli Gardens and then a pleasant lunch with her grandmother, so we faced the crowd and made our way to the gates of the gardens. We were informed that because of the hailstorm last week, the gardens were still being worked on and considered dangerous, therefor closed. Because Ephia doesn’t really understand how gates and tickets and lines work, she went passed the lady from the entrance and went into the courtyard. Of course a little drama happened next for pulling her out of there, but all her sorrow was washed away in the fountain from Piazza Santo Spirito. Soaking wet and laughing out loud (in my case because she wasn’t so happy to get her away from the water either) we went to have a very enjoyable lunch with everything a grandmother has to offer best, and I mean everything. It’s a good thing she can’t pack up the house and give it to us, other wise I am sure she would try that.

We took a cab home and I realized I haven’t used a cab in six years, which means Ephia hasn’t ever been in one, which also explains her weird facial expression when seeing that the driver isn’t me or D. Useless to say that a nap was in order and after all that rest D took us out for some coffee and sweets, which we can never say no to. We ended our day with a beautifully cooked Bistecca alla Fiorentina and some running around the house while listening to children’s songs.

All in all, it was a nice Sunday and although it wasn’t perfect, it came pretty close to it. I wish you all had an amazing time today and as always have a good starter for the week to come.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu