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Day 154 – Coffee, cake and sunshine


Oh, it’s that day of the week again; the day when everything stops in the morning and we just enjoy our company whispering to each other that it’s Sunday. We take Ephia in our bed for another half an hour of cuddling and after a quick breakfast we all go to the best pastry shop to get coffee and cake.

I think Ephia loves and recognizes Sundays because of this little ritual we have. She knows this pastry shop and the people who work in it, ever since she was born and, if there would exist such a thing as an eye-hole for babies to see outside when you are pregnant, she would have known the place from when she was a small tadpole.

We love going there on Sundays and relish on an outrageously good cake, drink an awesome cappuccino and listen to Ephia’s speeches while she is licking every creamy finger she has and then invents some more. We often look at her and remember how four years ago, we used to spend every weekend nights in this place, planning our future, being wild and free and laughing with friends around us. We used to call it the meditation place, because one way or another we would always end up talking philosophical stuff at 4 o’clock in the morning. Even while pregnant, the whole staff knew that I had a habit of going there every two days and eat a piece of cake and have a cafe latte, so after a while and three years of seeing each other constantly, we became friends and they were all excited to become “uncles” and “aunts”.  Unfortunately, before Ephia turned one, the staff changed and new people came and then those people have been changed with others, until there was no “uncle” or “auntie” left. Despite that it’s still a joy to go there, enjoy the sunshine and remember the old times and lost nights in that place, at that table, with those people.

Coming back from the memory lane to our Sunday ritual, this morning painted a nice beginning of the day for us, the sunshine was perfect, the cake was on the right fingers and in the right mouths and the cappuccino just added a nice boost to the whole picture. And if you are ever in the neighborhood and want to have a taste of some amazing sweets, go to Bar Pasticceria Erg, on Viale Etruria no.30; I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Have an amazing Sunday you all!!!!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu