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Day 160 – Working day and an amazing lunch


And thus began my working Saturdays. Leaving the house at 8,15 this morning was such a surprise for our bartender friend, that he looked outside and asked if it was snowing. But then again he never saw me up and on the streets before 10am, so his amazement was pretty justified.

A nice chocolate pastry to give me some energy and a cappuccino were just the things I need it to start my day properly and get going. The first class I taught today, was with the sweetest children. I loved them so much and they made it so easy and fun for me to teach them. I can’t wait to see them again next Saturday and hear their cute little voices calling out: “Teacher, just a second in Italy please?” which would be the English version of: “Teacher can I please speak Italian for a second?”. What can I say, we are slowly getting there and as long as we are having fun, learning is just the second act which will come naturally.

After all that teaching and with a two hour window, what better thing to do than visit Sara‘s studio and let Luigi (her husband) feed me lunch. I’ve had the best pasta with pesto and pomodori of my life, although I have to admit I’ve never had pesto before, so I was an easy conquest; still for me the dish was amazing, so thank you again Luigi, you are my feeding hero for the day.

With my stomach full and happy, I ran to catch the rehearsals happening at F.E.S.T.A theater, as I will be working with them too this year and I’ve met some beautiful people there and had fun reading the script while rediscovering some things I’ve missed these last few years. After another class and a tram ride away, I finally arrived home and got to hug my two favorite people in the world.

It was a hectic, but amazing day and next Saturday looks like it’s going to be the same, just like the one after that and the one after that. But you know what? I love running around downtown of Florence and have an excuse for it. Exhausted but happy, I salute you and I will have exciting adventures to talk about tomorrow after I visit some of my favorite art studios in Florence.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu