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Day 161 – Strolling through the streets of Florence


This weekend Open Studio Weekend happened in Florence, organized by Lost in Florence. The event was very popular and some studios opened there doors specially for it.

2014-10-19 17.07.38Because I had an exhausting Saturday, I only stopped by at some doors, just to say “Hi!” and to catch up with some of my favorite artists. My first one was Sara, and as usual her place is very alive and colorful, inviting the eyes to wander and relax at the sight of her work. I personally have fallen in love with some of her latest necklaces which now are on the “must have” list. If you didn’t get to see Sara’s studio this weekend, you can visit her anytime on Via di Mezzo 6.

My next stop was Il Torchio, a bookbinding shop that has become one of my favorites because of its products. What better way to charm a writer than placing him in a shop with paper smell, lots of awesome things for him to play with and a friendly shop owner. One of the problems I am facing while in this shop is that my enthusiasm grows such huge wings that I start acting weird; you know like a five year old that really wants to go to Disneyland and when he finally gets there, he just looks around with a dumb look on his face and waddles like a penguin. Anyways, Erin’s place is really amazing and it’s worth visiting. You can find it on Via dei Bardi 17.

2014-10-19 16.27.45A tea break was in order, so accompanied by fellow writer and friend Marisa and sweet Anna Rose, we raided Tealicious, drank and smelled beautiful tea and went home with a  tea treat. I have to admit I do not know my tea, but this shop really winked at me to come back and have some more. The owner is really sweet and she will charm your taste buds with some freshly made tea as well as explain to you all the magic around it. You can find the shop on Via Romana 26/r.



2014-10-19 17.07.07The last stop was one of my favorites, The Florence Studio. Laura and Frank have become very dear people to me and it’s always a pleasure to enter in their little sanctuary and seeing them in their own environment. After some gossip, a glass of prosecco and some rosemary chips, my feet dragged me to the bus stop and finally took me home.

After strolling on some of the streets of Florence today, visiting friends, discovering new shops and having fun, I got home and realized I haven’t had any coffee all day, so I dressed my midget, grabbed my better half and went to the pastry place I keep bragging about to have a cappuccino and a piece of chocolate cake. This weekend was really crazy, but I had so much fun getting through it. Now for some pajama time, a good movie and a cup of nice black tea. Good night!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu