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Day 167 – Some facts about my snow


There are not a lot of things that I miss from back home, but one of the things I have on that short list is snow. Winters in my country are this magical fairy tale and snowing is exactly as described in children’s stories.There is also that after snowing part with the slime, the bogs, and insane traffic, which no one loves and I won’t mention; I will pretend it doesn’t exist for the next couple of minutes.

On one of my many bus rides today, I took out my phone and browsed the news feed on Facebook, and there it was, the perfect snow looking back at me from a friend’s picture, winking and calling me outside to play. I looked out the window and what do you know, a sunny day in Florence and at least 25 Celsius degrees outside. Well, the prices you have to pay to live in this city are starting to become impossible hahaha. That picture took me back for five minutes and I remembered my childhood, when there weren’t so many cars to squash all that beautiful snow, make it dirty and finally transforming it into a filthy puddle. Those were the days when we would go outside, build snowmen and steal carrots for their noses, all of us tucked into a tone of clothes with rubber boots and four pairs of socks on our feet, but still managed to get home freezing and wet. We were the happiest children on Earth from my perspective and I used to love to wake up in the middle of the night only to watch the snow fall down slowly from the grayish, cloudy sky.

After that five minutes of time traveling, I looked back outside the window, mentally waved at Ponte Vecchio that was shining in the light of the sunset and remembered that although I miss those winters, I don’t miss the cold that comes with them. I wish it would snow here this winter, so I can introduce Ephia to some snowflakes and why not to our own built snowman. Maybe I will get my wish by the end of the year, meanwhile, back home in Bucharest the snow is covering everything in its path and people are already talking about winter tires which kind of makes me laugh.

So what do you think guys? Any snow in Florence this year? Should we import some and build something amazing with it? I can provide the carrots, I don’t have to steal them anymore.


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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu