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Day 168 – Random babbling


I had so many things I wanted to write about,but no idea how to phrase them because I am sort of angry, so I will just ambiguously unload here. Today was suppose to be a fun Sunday, spent with my two favorite people, going shopping, gossiping, laughing and playing in the park. All that happened, but not before receiving a disturbing phone call this morning.

I think I’ve said this before, I am not a morning person. The worst thing one can do for himself is talk to me in the morning, because I am either incoherent and extremely forgetful, or I just stare and eventually get angry for not being left alone. I have a history of hitting people because they’ve tried to wake me up (as I requested them the night before) and I don’t even remember doing it. Some people always ask me how did I manage to work day jobs. I ask myself that too sometimes, but I guess the fact that all my jobs were at least half an hour away from my house, I had time to really wake up before talking to anyone. I do have only one exception that applies to children under fourteen years old, anything above that age I consider almost an adult and therefor someone who can understand I am not a morning person. And no, I don’t drink coffee in the morning because my system can’t have fluids or smoke when I wake up. To sum it up let’s just say I am not that approachable in the morning.

This morning someone from my life, who knows all the things above very well, insisted to call and kill my day. I am sure that those were not the intentions (or maybe they were), but because of that damn call I couldn’t manage to enjoy anything until now and we did a lot of cool stuff. Maybe the hour changing didn’t help either, maybe it just takes an innocent “Hi!” to get me angry these days, or maybe I should stop thinking that it could be my fault all the time and start blaming who I need to blame.

This Sunday is not looking good up until this point, but who knows the day is still young and something extraordinary can happen by the end of it. Oh, not to forget, please, please, never cal me in the morning again, unless you are dying and I am inheriting something hahahaha. Have a wonderful Sunday and an amazing start of the week. Until tomorrow!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu