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Day 172 – Technology issues again


It seems that once in a blue moon I have some technology issues. This time is not my computer, although I never know when it’s going to crash next, but for now he gets the job done. This time my phone decided to leave my poor soul without any of its help again.

Yesterday, while I was having a lovely conversation on the edge of a water fountain, I heard a splash right next to me and in about a split second I could see my phone on the bottom of the fountain waiting for me to rescue it; and so I did. I took him out and after taking it apart, I placed him into the sun to dry off. I have to say, I am not a really big fan of smart phones, but lately my phone helped me answer work emails in real time and also sometimes it gives me precise indications how to get where I want when I get lost. These being said, I can declare that I am not addicted of mobile connection but I need it badly. Who knows, maybe it will come around and we can give our relationship one more try.

The phone I am using now is an old friend of mine, a very old Nokia that knows how to make its presence sensed when ringing and it never fails to take my calls. You can imagine the facial expression of the people sitting next to me on the tram yesterday, when I burst into laughter all of a sudden, because I realized I was trying to send a message by tapping the screen of a phone that had keys to type on. Oh yes, hilarious!

In conclusion, I am not safe around any new technology because it keeps falling from my hands and pockets or crashing whenever it feels like it, or maybe the devices that I insist on using are suggesting me that they want to let go and relax for a while and that it’s time for me to replace them with new ones, in order for them to rest in peace.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu