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Day 173 – Bed day and an unhappy Halloween


For today I had planned a beautiful day for the three of us to spend together. Nothing fancy or special, just a little quality time cuddling and playing to sort of recuperate the days when I am not at home.

The main thing that cuddled me today was the bed and from time to time Ephia who came to offer me some loud smooches on the cheek. My body was and still is kind of out of it and I am still trying to figure out what hit me, although I think I have a pretty good idea about it. So, here I am, with a whole evening planned in my head, writing this post, alone in the house and with an orange and cinnamon tea in my hand.

I am trying to lie to myself that this day was still a success because we spent the day together and although right now the house is empty and they went for a walk and maybe cake without me, even if I am glued to the armchair or the bed, I can still share a smile with them when they come back and feel a little better.

Hoping that this was just a weird, wacky day and that tomorrow I will be in perfect shape, I have a whole work night planned that includes staying up until 4 am editing an interview and some short stories and maybe write something for my new project. In other words let’s feed the soul and the mind and ignore the body, foolishly thinking that it will go along. Who knows, maybe it will work. Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

P.S. There is a party going on in my favorite cemetery tonight, so beware residents of Florence, you never know what will those party animals unleash on the streets by the end of the night.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu