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Day 175 – An unusual Sunday


Unlike any other Sunday, today we didn’t have our usual cake and cappuccino in the morning, instead we paid a visit to Ephia’s good friend Lee and also returned the beloved White Temp.  That kind of makes me realize that summer is indeed over and the bike rides in the middle of the night will remain only as a sweet memory from now on.

We had some Chinese take out for lunch and a nice conversation on his big sunny terrace. Giving that Ephia is really attached to him, we had to share him, although not evenly because she is a toddler and they want all the attention for themselves; still she tried to be as fair as she could. It’s pretty strange for me to notice how my daughter gets really scared of most men, but has a few who she absolutely adores and tries to get in their space and soul as fast as she can, using her cute little advantages.

After all that excitement, a nap was in order and the adventurous day will continue at grandma’s house for dinner. She promised us a lot of goodies on our plates and although in pain, I can’t miss the noodle soup she tempted me with. These being said, I will join my daughter for a nice dreamy hour and maybe the pain will have a dream of its own which will include forgetting about me. If not the little monster chewing my insides with sharp teeth will be in for a surprise tomorrow.

Have a beautiful Sunday and an amazing start for the new week!


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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu