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Day 176 – No insurance, no treatment


Medical insurance is kind of a big deal in Italy. At the moment mine expired and attempting to renew it I hit some brick walls. I am entitled to some sort of insurance because I have worked here and payed taxes, but of course I have to get through a lot of paperwork in order to get it.

So, this morning, planning to go to the ER after solving this paperwork problem, I hit another brick wall. I didn’t have the right paper on me and no time to go get it and come back to the same office. Fortunately, unlike other employees who don’t give a damn, the lady in front of me was being very sweet and as helpful as she could be giving the situation. Because at some point I have realized, I may not last for another day with the pains, I asked what happens if I go to the ER right then. She smiled and said: “Everyone will take care of you just the same, but in case you get admitted and even if not, you will be charged a ton of money, so honey, if you can, just last with the pain for another day.”

I am not blaming the system, their system is great and helped me on numerous occasions, I just want to point out that sometimes, in this beautiful lifetime that we are gifted with, everything resumes to money, and that is plain sad. Those being said, hopefully today will be easy on me and will pass very quickly and tomorrow I can finally “reunite” with my old friends. I was hoping not to see them again in the same circumstances, but sometimes you can’t choose these things, they just happen.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu