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Day 18 – My Hook


Four years ago today, my godson was being born. Around this hour in the middle of the night, I was talking to his mother on the phone and she was begging me to tell her jokes or new gossip stories of our friends so that she could be able to go through the pains of labor. I remember staying up all night, thinking what a wonderful thing it was to be a godmother and it truly is. I met him when he was three weeks old and I remember looking into his, still blurry, eyes and contemplating his fingers and toes. We still laugh thinking about my reaction when I found out that she was pregnant. I was on the bus, standing, and as soon as I heard the news I needed to sit down. The first questions that came out of my mouth were: “What about us? Is this the end?”. We were young and wild as they say, in love with our free of responsibilities lives. I was panicked at the thought that our travelling days are over, our lost nights driving towards nowhere specific just to get coffee or weekends spent sitting on the stage of the theater when everyone else was gone, talking, drinking, smoking. I gave him the nickname hook because at the time that’s what he represented to me, a hook that got stuck to his mom and took her  away from me.  But he was to be a wonderful hook, added to our small made-up family and now his presence and nonstop questions about the world are glued deep into us. I still call him that, but now the word has a different meaning because he hooked my heart too. So happy birthday my dear “Hook”! We wish you will have a wonderful time on this special day and a wonderful year with new adventures and things to discover!

P.S. I couldn’t help myself from showing you my favorite picture of us together from the first time we’ve met.




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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu