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Day 182 – Political issues


I am not a political person and honestly I don’t even care that much about politics. I can be blamed that I do not participate at the construction of a better future, but let’s face it, I know I am only a number in the statistics and nothing else for those who pretend to built a better future, thus I don’t give a damn.

I don’t believe in people being in charge of other people. We are humans and the first thing we can say about ourselves is that it’s only human to make mistakes, we are not perfect; so how can I trust someone who’s first sentence is to cover up his/her later mistakes? I do believe in peace and equality, but unfortunately I was born in a world where the Nobel Peace Prize is won by someone who claims his wars are justified and held in the name of the greater good, in a world where people look at each other judging by the color of someone’s skin, job, social status, origin and rarely by who they are inside and by their story as individuals. Nobody gives a damn and this world has become so cold that the few people who are trying to struggle facing all the filth left behind by the political class or by the people in charge, trying to save little bits and pieces of the world here and there, are almost unnoticeable. I am an optimist, but every time I look around me I feel powerless and I remember the reason why I didn’t want to have any children. Not because of the society, not because of the rules, but because there is too much to clean up behind us and as individuals we are nothing, as masses we don’t matter anymore because we are all sheep guided blindly towards destruction. I could be a hypocrite right now and say: “Fuck society! I hate it! I don’t go by the rules!”, but every time I would go to the bank or even to buy bread I would be an important part of this society, a small number that creates the statistics.

This upcoming weekend is election time in my country. I gave up a long time ago to vote or to care about these kind of events, because I understood there are dead people who can be revived to vote too, so why bother anymore. The only time I went to vote was when they wanted to take out the president in the middle of his mandate, so I said to myself if they want him gone that bad then he must be doing something right. This time the elections are rather simple to decide. There is a guy who steals from the country everything he can for about four years now and he even says that out loud everywhere and a guy who apparently would mean a good change for everyone and even if he wouldn’t be a good one, he is still a change, which my country really needs after all the years of pretended democracy since the revolution in ’89. Anyway, because I don’t follow the news that much and also because the guy who steals pisses me off so bad that I can’t watch his face on my screen, I just assumed that my generation is a little wiser and they could see and hear clearly that this guy is basically saying in public with any chance he gets that he is going to sell out the country. I was socked to hear D telling me that votes don’t really matter, as a matter a fact there are people who would vote for him, but that doesn’t matter either. As long as dead people will be resurrected to vote for the “right” guy, as long as the political class can take advantage of the poor and buy their vote with a warm jacket, some rice, sugar and bread, as long as the people who lived and breathed under the communism for so long aren’t gone, I can’t expect anything to change, but I do have the hope that between two wrongs you can spot the one who is the worst. Or maybe this is like reverse psychology? You scream: “I am going to fuck you all!”  live on TV and we all go: “Yes, he definitely needs to be in charge, he has balls and clearly he won’t harm us in any way.”

As I said, I am not a political person, but a few years ago I felt powerless, so I said to myself: “Why bother?”; now I know I am powerless, but I can use my words, form my own opinion and sleep better thinking that at least I’ve done my job as an individual. Maybe not even to sleep better, because I will for sure forget about all this by tonight and go on with my day not caring about anything else besides the few people I have around me, but still… Bottom line is that humanity can’t be trusted to be in charge of its own specie. Unfortunately it seems that we are on our own and no one is willing to clean all the crap we leave behind us, while destroying the world in the name of peace.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu