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Day 189 – Sunday and just us girls


I think my daughter is reading my blog behind my back. Yesterday I was talking about my lonely mornings and how I would wish to have breakfast with her and D sometimes and today she woke up early and automatically granted my wish. Oh, the joy! It was even more wonderful than I imagined it, her talking to me and explaining perhaps the dreams she had over night and me looking at her nodding, completely agreeing with her point of view.

With a big, dumb smile on my face, feeling refreshed and content, I remembered I had promised her we would go for some cake and tea this morning to the pastry shop I keep bragging about. From behind the curtains, rain drops were smiling at me, so a quick new plan was in order. We put on our rainy coats and decided to go for stroll in the rain. Imagine the joy on Ephia’s face seeing all the puddles she could play in and the giggles she shared with me every time a rain drop touched her nose. We walked like that for a while, with no destination in mind, humming happily in the rain and her laughing at me because I too had my hood on.

After such a quiet and beautiful morning, the rest of my day is not even worth mentioning anymore, but I will tell you this: rain or no rain, tonight we are going for the good stuff, cakes and tea, because when I promise something I never go back on my word hahaha, especially when there is cake involved. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu