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Day 192 – Opportunities and damaging thoughts


I have always been a lucky person, or at least that’s how I like to see things, although if someone would look into my past or present they would say I am very unfortunate, but have always managed somehow to struggle and get myself out of trouble.

This also goes for the opportunities that have reached my hand over the years and I have either managed to choose the wrong one, or most of the times by mistake, I took in my hands the good one and after doing that, of course all hell broke loose on other aspects of my life. Because of all these facts, I have become over the years, very suspicious of every good thing that is promised, given or awarded to me. It doesn’t matter how hard I have worked to achieve that outcome, I simply cannot accept that anything good can happen without another horrible one on its way to my doorsteps. Lately, I have come across all these amazing opportunities for me. I have taken them all on and  after some struggles, I’ve managed to put everything on the right path. But, of course there’s a trick to it and this year has showed me that in all its splendor.

The one thing I have never been able to sacrifice in my life was love. I would fight for the love I believe in even if this means for me to be left with nothing, even if it means I should stop existing for a while; I am a love freak. Ever since my daughter has been born this love addiction I have, has spread even more and its tentacles grab my body, my mind, my soul. Opportunities don’t exist if that means sacrificing this small little thing and the more I think about it the more I understand… I am not damaged, but I am the product of my past projected onto the faces of my loved ones.

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Ela Vasilescu

I’m a writer based in Florence, Italy.

Human nature inspires me, different cultures, traditions, folk stories and the differences which make us unique. Documenting stories is a privilege, a glimpse into humanity, an unforgettable experience, one which I embrace and honour every day.

If you have a story twitching in the back of your pocket, one that is ready to be told, shared and heard, chances are I will be ready to listen; so don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu