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Day 204 – Happy birthday Romania!


Today marks the first day of winter and also the passing of 96 years since my country was united under the same flag. Today would have also been my grandmother’s birthday, so this day has always had a double meaning in my family.

Every 1st of December we would wake up, really excited about the military parade that we used watch at TV and later on, on the streets, waving a small flag while the military units passed us by. I miss the parade and watching small clips of the parade posted by people on the Internet today, made me a little home sick. I don’t say this enough, but the country I am from is a beautiful place, with beautiful people, who love their traditions and their roots. Our history, although a little embellished in the history books, is so old and beautiful that we grow up believing in heroes, believing that dreams can come true, if only you have the courage to run towards them.

As if the beautiful parade wasn’t enough, snowflakes invaded the streets today and courtesy to my good friend, Catalin, I can show you how the first day of winter looks like on the streets of Bucharest. Happy birthday Romania! I may be far, but I do miss your snowflakes a lot.1 decembrie1 decembrie 2



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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu