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Day 207 – Lazy and bored


The bored part of the title can be questionable, because it’s unlikely to be able to get bored with a toddler in the house, but I will leave it as it is and you will all pretend it’s true. I feel the need to be lazy and yawn all day and I am absolutely sure this is happening because I have decided to stay around the house more this week; except for teaching and taking walks downtown with Ephia, this body hasn’t left the neighborhood in a while.

Because I have ignored my social life this week, I have somehow managed without planning it, to fill the weekend with fun events, starting tomorrow. Now giving that I am so lazy these days, can anyone give me a good way to convince my body this weekend will be so much fun, if only he would agree to try it? The whole picture is like this: me shifting sides in bed when Ephia is napping, daydreaming about the weekend, metaphorically jumping up and down out of joy, and my body pulling my eyelids down and forcing my eyes to close and sleep. Maybe it’s just preparing me for the fun ahead, resting a little more than normal, but if that’s the case, why whenever I think about the wonderful things I am supposed to do, my thoughts instantly shout: “There goes your afternoon nap!”.

This body-mind war is very tiring and at some point I will have to reconsider this whole thing and maybe, just maybe, accept the possibility that they are not separate, but only work as a whole. Meanwhile, I will go ahead and yawn under the blankets, mentally preparing myself for the evening class I have to teach. I have some fun games planned for tonight, so who knows, maybe that will end my laziness feeling.


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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu