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Day 209 – Introducing the photographer of the house


I have waited for two hundred and nine days to introduce you to the most important person in my life and what better day to do it, if not on his birthday which also marks our anniversary.

I’ve met D sixteen years ago (I know, right?) in high school and faith made it so that we end up in the same class together, but don’t be deceived, we hated each other back then. He was this short, geeky guy who kept bugging me that my jokes were expired and I was a tall volleyball player who skipped school a lot, just because I thought reading at home is way better. I used to skip school so much that I’ve missed almost an entire year and when I came back the next one, I noticed this new, tall, charming guy sitting in the bench right in front of me. I asked my friend who is he and when her answer was D, I was both shocked and impressed. Ever since that day my purpose was to trap him to be mine and well, thirteen years later I can safely say he is shackled.

D is a wonderful man, a passionate photographer, an amazing father and most importantly my best friend. One of the reasons why I don’t mention him that often in my blog posts is because I could write for hours only about him and his awesomeness, which in fact I did a long time ago and it became a book. He leaves notes for me on all the doors inside our house, he picks me flowers from the garden in the spring time while doing a little dwarf dance, he cooks incredible meals for us, he smiles at me even if he knows I am not right and he listens to my crazy ideas for hours in a row even of he is dead tired and it’s 5 am (and the list can go on forever). He saved my life in so many ways and so many times and over the years I’ve always asked myself what is this kind, awesome, wonderful man doing with someone as mental as I can be. His answer is simple and honest: “In order to fit together, we need to compensate the sane with the insane, and being insane and damaged is your thing in this relationship.”

Sometimes, late at night, when I close my eyes, I can still see it all, like it was yesterday: the beginning of our story, our love affair’s recipe, all the travels and crazy things we did together and all the beautiful things we have build together. Before he became a certainty in my life, I used to imagine my future in a totally different way. I was going to be an independent woman, never to get married, never to have children; having a family was never in my thoughts or plans, because I didn’t believe that true love exists. Back then no one around me, who was involved in a relationship, mentioned the word friend when speaking of their partners, so I just said to myself it’s pointless to spend your life with someone if they can’t at least be your friend. I still believe that and luckily faith proved me wrong and gave me a chance to build a wonderful family with my best friend. Did I tell you how awesome he is? He is awesome!!!!!

Happy birthday, D!!!!!!! You are not my everything, you are my better self! TIMMI!


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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu