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Day 211 – Ephia, the ring and the cookies


As I was saying here, today there was an event, Mercantino and Rinfresco Natalizie, that we wanted to check out; so from the smallest to the oldest (believe it or not that’s me) we went and had a great time with Mark and Sophie.

Although a little resistant at first, Ephia discovered the cookies and she started taking small bites out of each one and then put them back into the bowl or gave them to us. After playing the shy card for a while, when she finally got used to the space, she started exploring the kitchen, and what do you know?, there were muffins in the kitchen, so of course she tried to treat them the same way as she did the cookies. But, the main object that captured her full attention from all the other treasures around her, was a silver ring. She took it and put it on her finger, showing me that she knows how to use it and perhaps wanting to convince me that she really needs it. She had such a huge attraction for that ring that at some point we had to hide it, before she would have started to shout “My precious! My precious!”.

All in all it was a fun afternoon and we also found some amazing books and things we took home with us. I also bought a small notebook with handmade paper from Nepal for only 1 euro. Amazing! The Mercatino is still going on until 8 pm tonight and you can also buy home made banana bread and muffins, awesome jewelry and many other must have, interesting things.      

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu