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Day 215 – And so it went…


Ah, yesterday was much more than we have planned and expected it would be. We had an amazing day and the best part was that Ephia had a great time. I am not sure if she knew it was her birthday, but this year she definitely understood everything was about her.

_MG_8312She had a few guests and she made a new friend, who’s almost her age. She showed us what a great host she can be, as she avoided greeting the guests when they came in and then as the little boy was playing with her toys,enjoying himself in her room, she was sitting on the couch, reading a book, lifting her eyes from the pages from time to time to watch him play. After the arrival of her good friend Lee, she couldn’t stop showing him just how much she loves him. So, he was dragged all around the house to see all of her special places and her favorite activities, even forced to participate in some of them (he loved every minute of it). After eating a very sweet and cool looking birthday cake, a nap was in order, so the birthday girl slipped into a dreamy lane while I went to quickly teach a class. The fun started all over again when she woke up and round two started: a visit from her grandma and lots of new presents to unwrap.

Yesterday was an amazing day for all three of us. Ephia couldn’t have been more happier with all the attention around her and I have been a really efficient secretary, giving her all the beautiful messages she received from friends and family. These being said, now we have reached the second level: two years old. Let’s see how this one goes!!!!_MG_8331


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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu