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Day 22 – My American friends are “deserting” me or artists are aliens with creative skills


When I moved to Florence, almost five years ago, I didn’t want to make new friends; I was so tired of hanging out and talking shit, listening to everyone’s problems that I felt like I needed a break, so a change without anyone I knew around me was perfect. You tend to love your stayed-behind friends more when you are far away and you have only the internet to speak to them (and sometimes the internet connection can go down on purpose). Of course, when I started working, I began meeting new people and making friends again; not close ones, but still. Italy is the country that invites you to meet new people even if you don’t want to. Without noticing, you start drinking your daily coffee at the same bar and it takes only a “Ciao” and the bartender becomes your best friend instantly. But I was still refusing to make any close friends although now I know an impressive amount of people.

Last year, all these Americans (and other English speaking nationalities) invaded my life when I discovered the Creative People in Florence group. Meeting new people became fun and also artists are not people for me, they are much more then that; they are aliens with creative skills. In a blink of an eye I had a lot of friends and I started all these cool new projects with them. But slowly they started to go back home and I became the girl who waved goodbye to them at the airport (I am over dramatizing the picture, there were only three of them, hahaha).

Today, I got to see one of them off. I picked him up at 5.30 am and hurried to the airport because I really needed coffee and he really needed to catch his plane. We got there, checked in his bag and went to search for the bar because it wasn’t in its usual place anymore (Florence’s airport is making huge changes). We sat and chit chatted in front of the airport, while I was smoking and drinking cappuccino and he was eating a brioche. He didn’t have much time to spare so, I said to him a couple of times that we should hurry, otherwise they will call out his name, but he stayed calm and told me that he has done this too many times to worry about losing his flight. Eventually we went to the final control point and after saying our goodbyes, while, I was going down the stairs I heard the announcement where they were calling his name to board the plane. Well, he didn’t come back so I am guessing he got on the plane, but that was the first thing that made me laugh this morning.

What was the point of this article? Oh right, my American friends who are abandoning me! Or was it about artists? Hmm it could also be about making friends. I don’t think it matters that much anymore, so I will end this non-sense article by saying that I had a fun morning today and I can’t wait to pick them up when they come back.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu