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Day 220 – The beauty of a busy day


A busy day is a day when your eyes fail to stay open, but you force them to. The beauty of a busy they is when you allow them to shut for a second and they steal your whole self on a short, dreamy journey.

I am so sleep deprived that if my eyes would have little voices, they would shout their need to the world. But it’s the beauty of a busy day that keeps me from resting them, the beauty of being constantly on the move and knowing that for each hour I’ve stayed awake, a new beautiful thing was born.

There so many wonderful things you can discover, build, enjoy, be amazed of, speak about, that sometimes I wonder why do we need to sleep? Wouldn’t it be easier to just be programmed to be awake for 20 hours a day? And that wouldn’t be enough either, but at least it’s a less waste of time. I am off to surrender to the rest of my busy day. Take care!


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Ela Vasilescu

I’m a writer based in Florence, Italy.

Human nature inspires me, different cultures, traditions, folk stories and the differences which make us unique. Documenting stories is a privilege, a glimpse into humanity, an unforgettable experience, one which I embrace and honour every day.

If you have a story twitching in the back of your pocket, one that is ready to be told, shared and heard, chances are I will be ready to listen; so don’t hesitate to send me an email.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu