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Day 223 – The miracle fatherhood


It has been said so many times that mothers have a special ability to connect with their children, that they posses a gift, if I could call it that, which they use to interact with their child and also a maternal instinct that never fails them. We talk about the miracle of birth, we talk about the miracle we experience when we see a mother bond with her child for the first time, but what we never talk about is the miracle of fatherhood.

From my point of view a father is much more special than others make it sound like. They do not have a connection with their son or daughter from before they are born and yet, when they hold their baby for the first time, their feeling is as much indescribable as it is for a mother. They have to learn everything from scratch and they have an unending patience when it comes to their children. Fathers don’t get enough credit in this world and there are so many single fathers out there who raise their kids on their own and do not complain about not having time for themselves or make a big fuss about the things they have to sacrifice in order to raise their children. Even excluding those, fathers are still the most wonderful thing a child can experience. For my point of view a father is as much sacred as a mother is and sometimes they can understand their children’s feelings better and guide them towards a path they are more happy about.

Today, while riding the bus home, I got to think about fathers for some reason and somewhere inside there was a voice who whispered that having a father is not a miracle, but recognizing one is.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu