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Day 227 – It’s officially Christmas Eve


My house smells like Christmas Eve today. Our traditional food is cooking slowly, there is a crazy smell of oranges all around the house and we are getting ready for our annual Christmas photo.

This day always reminds me of my childhood and the way I used to decorate the tree on my own, always on Christmas Eve, while my mom was cooking and mixing spices in the kitchen. We never had a very traditional Christmas, but we did invent a few of our own traditions and it seems I have invented some new ones for my family too. Although now I am the one who is cooking and making sure the house is spotless, I still indulge myself with some spiritual treats just for me. For instance, late at night I like to look at the tree’s lights while the house is silently covered in darkness and everyone else sleeps, just like I did when I was a child. I think about the whole year and the things I didn’t get to do, deciding if I should do them next year or just let them go. I like fantasizing that while I am there, staring at the Christmas lights, Santa will show up and give me a kiss on the cheek, whispering into my ear that I did the best I could this year and the next one will be even more amazing (and he always does). This is probably one of the most beautiful days of the year for me and with Ephia around, Christmas is even more fun and joyful.

Tonight the computer will play our favorite Christmas movies and Christmas carols. I probably never said this before, but Christmas is the only holiday I truly celebrate, embracing all its smells, sounds, thoughts, sadness and joy. May you all have a happy Christmas Eve and listen carefully tonight, Santa is going kiss you on the cheeks and whisper how well you’ve done for yourself this year.



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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu