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Day 229 – Merry after Christmas day


Ah, what should I tell you about first? The beautiful Christmas lunch we had yesterday, enjoying the company of good friends and watching Ephia jump out of joy that one of her best friends came to spend Christmas with her? Or, about our stroll downtown today, and the visit we payed to The Florence Studio where D had to film some scenes for a documentary they are doing together?

Let’s start with yesterday. It was an amazing day! Ephia got her presents from Santa Claus and we had a celebration Nesquick breakfast to start our day well. Then we had an amazing Christmas meal and we spent the entire day chatting with our friends and playing with Ephia. Actually, only Lee had the privilege to play with her, but the rest of us had fun watching them. After some grown-up time, while Ephia napped, we walked towards our favorite pastry shop and had a nice coffee together. We ended the night with an excellent movie and nice gossip. No pictures were taken, because although we had two photographers in the house, it seems they need a vacation on Christmas day too; also, only normal people take pictures when they are having fun.

Today we planned to join D while he worked. Laura and Frank have a beautiful studio and Ephia felt very comfortable among all the amazing paintings and sculptures, but most of all she found a new friend there, their cute little bunny. She instantly bounded with him and fed him some bread sticks. Of course the poor rabbit didn’t like all the noise and hopping going around him, so he kept hiding, trying to escape my daughter’s love. When D finished filming, we took another stroll downtown, smiled at the pouring crowds of tourists flowing down the streets. Florence is invaded with the spirit of the holidays that people brought with them from all the corners of the world.

There were two amazing days and I am so happy we got to spend these couple of days with some of our beautiful friends. Giving that I had my share of the holidays and that I got to rest my brain a little, tonight the marathon of working starts all over again and I a pretty sure that deadlines don’t understand holidays 🙂 .

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu