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Day 23 – Remembering Florence


Sometimes I forget that I am living in Florence, but every time we have friends visiting us I can see through their eyes what a beautiful gift this city is for us and our passions. I can see the look on their faces when I take them in Piazza Michelangelo to drink their first cappuccino and I remember I had that look once and back then all of me wanted to come and live here; now I tend to take everything for granted. I still am amazed when I take strolls down town but I don’t look at things as a tourist anymore, I know they are there and I forget about the little details that used to make me write for hours.

I started my day with one of the best cappuccinos, glancing at the city in the morning light and contemplating about its past. I started thinking about Da Vinci (maybe because I am a  Da Vinci’s Demons freak) and wondered if he felt amazed when watching the city from Piazza Michelangelo. I’ve spent all day talking about this city and its wonders and seeing my friends devouring the information, I missed being in their shoes. I have seen all Tuscany and most of this country and although there are many cities that captured my heart, this is the place I’ve always wanted to call home.

So, today was about remembering why I love it here, about having fun with people dear to me and about missing being a writer in Florence with no strings attached. Over and out!

This morning’s cappuccino.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu