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Day 251 – Energy crash


I started working on a new project yesterday. I’ve been waiting for a long time to start working on it, so I was really excited. This involves a lot of recording and gathering data so, Santa Claus was generous enough to leave a voice recorder under the Christmas tree for me.


Work time. A cigarette and tiny chocolate later I turned the device on and was ready to go. After about five minutes, the battery goes dead and wouldn’t turn on even after we tried to charge it. Fine. I was offered another solution: another voice recorder, a more professional one this time, so we started working again. Ten minutes later, the batteries die. Yeah, I know! But, still we kept going and I got the brilliant idea to use my phone to record everything. My phone was plugged in so no chance of the battery going dead. I get my smile back and make notes from time to time. I was having a great time. My phone suddenly lights up and gives me a cruel message: memory full. I started laughing. It was like everything needed to be charged or needed something more.

Today for some reason, my own energy levels crashed. I failed to get to my morning classes and just when I thought I was back on track, my whole body collapsed at rehearsals. The thought that the electronic devices were trying to send me some kind of ironic metaphoric message yesterday, crossed my mind more than once. So, does anyone have any body batteries to spear, or know about some place I can plug myself in to recharge? 🙂

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu