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Day 27 – Us girls and a photographer


I had an amazing day; I am exhausted but this day was worth it. D had a Trash the Dress photo session and us girls tagged along (he was going to the seaside, we couldn’t miss that). We went to Livorno and enjoyed an awesome cappuccino on the beach and then I mainly chased Ephia, who was constantly grabbing D’s pants, smiling at him or getting into his frame. I watched her being fascinated by the big bath tub in front of her and laughing out loud when the waves were moving towards us. As if that wasn’t enough fun, we took her to the aquarium and she just didn’t have enough fingers to point to everything.


After a nice lunch and a sixty minutes’ drive, we arrived in one of our favorite places, San Gimignano. The bride was applauded by the whole piazza, when we sat down at our favorite terrace and as a sweet gesture a couple sent them a bottle of Prosecco, to congratulate them. We didn’t even have the chance to thank them because they asked the waiter to bring us the bottle after they would leave. People like that, who bring a smile on your face just because they feel to and not because they want something in return, are the ones that turn your day around and restore some faith that there is still kindness and nobility in the world.

We arrived home, tired but, with smiles on our faces. The bride and groom were perfect, the waves were perfect, the shots were perfect, the whole day was perfect and also I got the chance to practice my make-up artist skills after a long time. So, although I am still sleep deprived, at least I will go down with a smile.

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu