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Day 274 – When do you know you have to let a project go


Lately I’ve been involved in a lot of projects; maybe a little too many. Some on short term, some with real perspectives in the future. They all have a thing in common: once I take them on I get very much attached and can’t let go. But there are also those projects that seem fun when you talk about them, look like they’re going to be successful and then slap you in the face. So when do you give up? When do you stop pretending that it’s going to work?

I never knew the answer in the past. I used to keep trying to poke it with magic wands, dressing it up with clothes that didn’t fit, until, one day, that project became my worst enemy. The last couple of months my ears paid attention to many words of wisdom coming from outside. I gathered them all put them in my pocket and started to analyze them. This conclusion came out of them: you are your own work. Your work represents you and it definitely needs a nice coat that has to fit. If you buy a smaller or bigger coat the only thing you will get is frustration and pain.

It’s not easy to let go a project that you believed in. It’s like giving away your pet because it didn’t match you personality, but sometimes you have to do it; you must do it. Otherwise the pet will have to suffer a life time of you complying about him for never being perfect instead of having a happy life with people who can love him as he is. So how do you know when to let go? You just do it. The first second you start feeling frustrated, the very first moment when your whole day is spent thinking about that project as painful work you don’t want to do. You just do it. I have two projects like that sitting around on my desk, waiting to be cancelled or get their clothes readjusted and after months and months of wasting time to find them a nice path, I understood it’s time to let them go. Maybe I will find them nice new homes, or maybe they will just remain ideas written in an old notebook, but for now they definitely need to die.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu