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Day 279 – Weird Valentine’s day


Usually on Valentines Day I take the time to write an Anti Valentine’s Day post, but that’s only because in my culture there is a different day like this one that everyone forgot about in the rush for the more commercialized, American one. Because now I live on “Mars”, where Valentine’s day seems to be a big deal, such an article would have been pointless.

I am not a Valentine’s hater and not even one of those who say they don’t need a day to celebrate their love for another person. I seem like a hater because I refuse to buy crap that doesn’t end up anywhere else but the trash can (except for chocolate 🙂 ) and also I too have a day when I celebrate, it’s just in less industrialized way. Red hearts, flowers, red gifts are not for me, especially if they are given just because you absolutely have to do it the same way that everyone else does it.

On that same note, because I am totally indifferent when it comes to this holiday, today I completely forgot about it. I arrived at the preschool, with a totally different lesson plan and I froze for a second when I saw all the Valentine’s Day material everyone else had ready. I completely changed the lesson plan in ten minutes, but by the time I got to lunch and was heading towards the next class I forgot again. I even wondered why did the people on the streets have bought so many red, heart shaped balloons today, but still my mind was blank about it. I eventually remembered again, while heading home, listening to some lover’s conversation, but two seconds later after getting off the bus, the thought flew out of my head again.

Now, what brought it back again was the tone of pictures on my Facebook wall, all of them showing of red gifts, flowers, heart shaped balloons and so on and that’s just what I hate about it so much. I can understand the idea of a special holiday and I even agree with it up to a point, but to upload your every move from today to your social media account, that’s taking it to whole new level. Unlike other years, I haven’t been invaded with too much virtual sweetness this time.

Anyway, whether you have enjoyed Valentine’s Day or not, I wish you all a relaxing and pleasant weekend with the ones you love. Over and out!

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu