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Day 280 – Documentaries freak


Documentaries, welcome back into my life! Why have I ever let you go? I’ve missed you so much, please stay forever!

To explain myself. I used to be a documentary freak. Back home our TV was always on National Geographic Wild or on one of the many Discovery Channels. I devoured them, went to bed watching, woke up in the morning and watched them again. At some point I had memorized all the documentaries on those channels so I took a step back to give them a chance to introduce new ones. They never did and occasionally when a new one would come out they would replay it over and over again, so I gave up watching them completely. It never crossed my mind to search for new ones on the Internet. Moving to a new country, adjusting to a new lifestyle, job, friends and so on, blocked the desire to sit back and enjoy a nice documentary about anything (well, not anything, but almost).

Yesterday, I had a terrible headache and Ephia was trying to get me to play with her. Because we don’t have much time to spend together on Saturdays, I hardly ever have the heart to say no to her so I started thinking: what can we do together that doesn’t require to much movement from my part? Penguins! That’s right, penguins. Ephia loves penguins and I thought why not watch a penguin documentary? We did and it was a complete success. She was having a wonderful time explaining to me what she understood from the images she was watching and I, a terrible mom who let’s her kid watch TV, could spend some time with her, have some fun, forget about my headache and fall in love with documentaries all over again.

So, now I am hooked again. If any of you have some great documentaries to recommend, don’t forget to buzz my virtual doors and tell me all about them. These being said tonight we are watching pandas. Actually I do most of the watching, Ephia is pushing her shopping cart around the house and from time to time she looks into the screen and says: “Uuu, cute!”.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu