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Day 283 -Who’s going to Mars?


Ever since I came here, I kept calling this place Mars. Maybe because it was a new place, or maybe because I felt like an alien here: new rules, new culture, new everything. Now I hear people are actually going to go to Mars in 2024. That scares me a little.

To be honest, after reading many articles about this I don’t get it. So, they are planning to colonize the planet and are selecting only four people to go there and proceed. Four people who will never come back. That’s scary. For me at least, because other people are fighting for one of those spots as I am typing this. And I wonder, why would you do that? Their main reason is for the fame, for a place in the history books, for them to feel like their existence meant something for our civilization. Okay, all of those things are true; they will remain in the history books and they will be the first people to actually try and live on Mars. But a one way ticket? Why would you give up everything to go to a planet where you can’t breath, where you will constantly have to fight for your survival?

I am not saying in any way that I disagree with their choice, I just don’t get it and I would truly want to know the answer. The true, brutal answer, not the on camera one. I have also seen some of the finalists. One of them doesn’t believe in love and says it’s a useless feeling from her point of view; the other is a young man who has never kissed a girl in his life but he is brilliant, and another who thinks Earth cannot be saved anymore so the only way to make up for our mistakes is to start all over again. I would never send someone who is incapable of love on another planet to colonize it. Why would I do that? Isn’t that what humanity it’s supposed to be all about: love, compassion, feelings? And why would I want someone who gave up on Earth to go to another planet? Wouldn’t his heirs think the same after I don’t know how many millions of years and just abandon their hope to help their own planet for a brand new one? I have no question about the young man who has never been kissed in his life because he is the only one who’s reasons I can understand.

I have no idea… I am just asking questions and maybe someone could clear them up for me. So people, we are going to witness history while written. People are going to go to Mars; we get to see them and wave goodbye to them, wishing them good luck on their one way ticket trip. Wow, Mars! I now have to change the name for the planet I am on. Maybe Pluto; I think I am safe with Pluto during my life time at least.


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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu