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Day 29 – The end of an awesome week


Today I’ve ended an awesome week, filled with “selfies”, traveling, exhaustion and fun. How could you end a week better, then with a chocolate soufflé made by my wonderful master chef, husband and with a long talk on our last night together with our friends that came here honeymooning. They showed me the old Florence that I have once loved and forgot about and I took great pleasure in being their gelato guide.

Through their eyes I have seen that I understand my daughter better than I thought and I found myself, instinctively translating things that she wanted from them. That was truly awesome because sometimes you get a little more than frustrated when your kid is pointing at stuff and you don’t get it; but that’s another story.  All three of us, laughed a lot this week and also we were reminded that although we are homesick sometimes, we would never go back, or at least not for a long, long time; but we do miss our friends and especially those close to you that you want to have one last coffee with over and over again.

To keep the story short, here I go again in the middle of the night driving friends to the airport. That’s funny right? I should definitely stop doing that otherwise I will start enjoying too much. This time the airport is a little bit further so, I am looking forward to spend an hour driving alone, with the tones of Buddha Bar in my ears. Who knows, maybe I will get some new subjects for my short story book. Over and out!

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu