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Day 298 – Wind… bad wind


Last night I put my daughter to bed and imagined my next few hours spent in bed, watching a movie, all tucked in and comfortable. My bad. Last night, me and the cat couldn’t sleep and we stayed up almost the entire night.

Every time I tried to get him inside the house he started meowing and scratching the door to get outside and stay on the balcony. It seems that he felt much safer outside than in the house with all the noises that the wind was making. And speaking of noises, that’s what kept me awake. The windows were squeaking, the doors were constantly moving and the house seemed to be constantly shaking. So, every time I woke up, which was every ten minutes I would try to get the damn cat inside the house thinking that he’s going to get blown away. Well, he was actually smart because on the balcony he was protected by both the wind the squeaky sounds.

I woke up this morning feeling like crap, with a bad headache and with no will of getting out of bed whatsoever. I spent all day looking like a zombie and when I finally left the house to teach a class, I watched the clouds running as fast as they could on the sky. It was breathtaking. When I came back from class an amazing moon was staring back at me, almost making me miss my stop. Anyway, it seems that the wind doesn’t want to give in at all and from the looks of it, today it destroyed everything it could in its path. 🙁 Wind, wind… bad wind. At least if I can’t get any sleep tonight either, I will have that beautiful moon to look at and dream away with my eyes open.



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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu