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Day 311 – Need


The last few days I had a great writing flow. I wrote my daily articles in such a rush just to get to my projects as soon as possible. It’s been great. Because of that I developed a fear of showing my work to anyone else these days. I am afraid the flow will run away from me.

The second thing I feel I need to do is stay home as much as possible. I love going out, I love meeting friends, having coffee, listening, but this week I wanted to stay home and play with Ephia as much as possible. And we had a great time. We drew numbers and letters on the blackboard, she learnt how to count to 20, we colored the kitchen tiles and drew faces and planes on them, we laughed, smiled, hugged each other and took naps together. It’s been amazing. I needed this so much. I also need to sleep for three days in a row, but I’ll wait another ten years for that to happen. 🙂


I will go back to being a social freak, a coffee friend and a spy in piazzas searching for new characters, but for now I feel amazing being just where I am: at home. Sometimes we need a break from everyone, maybe even from ourselves and if you also have a cute midget to play with at home, then you are the luckiest, because that will make your day, everyday.


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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu