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Day 324 – Road trip


The train took me a little outside of Florence today. I had almost five hours all to myself today, to spend as I wish, so because I love riding the train, and also the person who was waiting for me at the end of the road, I said why not?

I spend a beautiful morning and afternoon, chatting and unloading a tone of feelings that have been invading me for months. By the time I got back to Florence I could breath easier. Such an amazing feeling, such a great day! At home a big smile and hug were ready for me to receive and two little sparkly eyes were looking playfully into mine. Happy day… exhausting day…good exhaustion 🙂

And now back to the train ride. Trains are my favorite means of transportation. I can think better when riding the train, I can write, dream, sleep… I can never do any of that on airplanes or cars. Maybe the daydreaming part, but that’s about it. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to ride the train by myself. Back then I felt like the adults accompanying me were spoiling the ride, and I was so right. So, when I was about 12 years old I lied to my mom that my friends and their parents asked me to join them on a field trip outside of town for the day. She agreed for me to go and trusted me completely when I said that I will meet them at the train station. Either she was gullible or knew exactly what I wanted to do and trusted me to do it by myself. I am sure I will never know the right answer to that one. Anyway, there I was, inside the train station, inside that giant waiting room that looked like a moving human hive, trying to decide which train to take and where to go. I don’t remember the destination I chose, but I do remember the hour spent in the train. The noises the train made, its movements like a slow motion swing, its whistles and its smell. I loved everything about that trip and I promised myself that no matter what happens, I will always love riding the train, even when I become the annoying grown-up.

I am that annoying grown-up now and still when I am planning a trip that requires taking the train, I a just like that little 12 year old kid again, sitting in the middle of the moving human hive, absorbing the joy and the silence that takes over my soul.

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By Ela Vasilescu
Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu