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Day 326 – Children can see even when they’re not looking


Children have a way of seeing into the human soul. They can see things in us the adults that we may have forgot or we never noticed. They love us and hate us because of those things, visible only to them.

We, as responsible adults, rob them of that sight and mold them to become like us, just like our parents, relatives and so on did to us when we were kids. But until we get to steal their gift, children use it, sometimes to protect themselves, sometimes to manipulate us in order to obtain what they need. I am saying need because in my opinion a child doesn’t want things, he/she needs things. They think they need everything. For example the morning bagel that you buy for them every day, or the toy from the toy shop; they need all of those and they feel they cannot go on without the things they need. Of course two minutes later they will forget all about it and need something new, but that’s a different story 🙂 .

Children can see and feel our weaknesses, our flaws, our strengths, our happiness although sometimes they seem not to see the obvious stuff we are trying to hide from them. I wonder where does this gift disappear? Why can’t we grow up and still keep this amazing gift? A gift of happiness, but more powerful than any weapon. And maybe that’s the answer… Sometimes I fool myself that we still have it hidden within us, ready to be used, ready to come out from under all those adult frustrations and problems.

What do you think? Does the power of seeing into the human soul just disappears in time or it just buries itself deep, beneath feelings, ready to come out and play when the right time arrives?

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu