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Day 327 – Unusual traditions


When I was a little girl Easter wasn’t such a popular holiday in our house. Our traditions included a little cooking, getting new clothes and shoes and visiting family all day long so we can eat their food. 🙂 That was about it and although it seemed lame for many of my friends I was really happy with that.

I didn’t have an Easter Bunny or receive any presents and that never bothered me because I was so proud to walk in my new, squeaking shoes and put on my new clothes on Easter day that almost always happened to be a beautiful, sunny day. The thing I loved the most was buying the clothes months before and place them in a special drawer, not touching them until Easter day. My cousins all believed in the Easter Bunny and I remember my mom asking me not to tell them the truth so, many years they have pitied me because the magical bunny didn’t bring me any presents like it did for them. I never said a word but thanked them for sharing some of their presents with me.

Ever since I left my mom’s house, Easter became almost nonexistent for us, although the new shoes and clothes remained a tradition as well as wondering around visiting family or friends. The cooking stopped completely and the only traditional cooked things left were the red painted eggs.

When we moved to “Mars”, also known as Florence to everyone else, our Easter traditions changed. We embraced the explosion of the Cart tradition that the Florentine have, we started taking long walks downtown on Easter day, and instead of cooking tones of food (the red painted eggs are still a thing) we thought eating junk food every year would be fun. Last year was steak, fries and salad, but this year we want to take it to a whole different level: american burgers from the 1950 American Diner. We figured junk food for Easter would be a fun thing as we almost never eat junk food at all.

This year we’re excited that Ephia is old enough to understand some of these traditions. She will receive a giant Olaf egg with what we hope to be a wonderful surprise hidden inside, she will join us for a nice walk downtown and although she won’t get any burgers (not old enough for those yet 🙂 ) she will have the chance to have her own first egg fight. And maybe, over the years our Easter traditions will change even more, maybe over the years she will ask us to celebrate Easter just like everyone else does, but in the meantime we are the junk food eaters on Easter day 🙂 . Happy Easter everyone!

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