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Day 329 – A little piece of happiness


We had such an amazing day today. We took a break from everything and almost everyone and it was fantastic. I am not sure if it was the long walk downtown, or seeing some good friends for five minutes while Ephia petted their bunny, if it was the great time we had at the diner or the incredible muffins D baked, but it was a well deserved break from any dark thoughts and daily frustrations.

Also yesterday my blog was featured in the Florence News&Events newspaper and you can read about it here in the online version of the newspaper at page 8. The article is entitled “Florence in the blogosphere” and is written by none other than Lee Foust. Thank you Lee! Your description was awesome and I am sure we will figure something out so you won’t miss reading about my daily life too much :).

All in all this was a great weekend and tomorrow is back to real life again. But real life is what makes these rare relaxing moments so special. So, I am ready Monday! Give me your best shot! I hope you also had an amazing time with your loved ones and for those of you who are still stuffing their bellies and celebrating: Happy Easter!


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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu