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Day 33 – Wonderful morning, storm invaded Florence and a girls evening out


Today was a wonderful, fun day. We started out going shopping, all three of us and having a cappuccino while watching our daughter showing off. She takes great pleasure in sitting at the table as a grown-up, taking a little spoon and mixing our cappuccinos, followed by liking the milk foam from the spoon. We can’t order two coffees anymore; it’s a must that we get some milk for her too, so that she can pretend we are all having coffee together. These moments are pretty rare, so we treasure each and every one of them.

When we thought we can’t take any more heat, all of a sudden the storm started. Florence was invaded by a strange rain, without any clouds in sight and with the sun up in the sky, smiling merciless with heated teeth upon us. At first it was pretty funny and we took it as a blessing, because I think any living creature in Florence has wished for a little rain these last few days, but, the joke was starting to thicken and the hailstones began to disrupt our rainy fantasy. Well, it lasted for two hours and instead of the coolness we were all expecting afterwards, the city transformed itself into a giant sauna.

About dinner time, I realized that it was too early (only 7.30pm) and already my eyelids were half shut so I decided to take Ephia and have a girl’s evening out. We went to the best ice-cream place there is and split an ice-cream the way that only good friends do: each with a spoon of our own, meticulously eating and watching the changing color fountain in front of us. It couldn’t get any better, but it did. The fountain had a little fountain sister (or brother) and after finishing our ice cream, we taught it would be fun to play in that little fountain; so we did. People in that particular part of the town, begin to form a huge line at the ice cream shop in the evening and at about 9,30 you can sometimes see even thirty people waiting in line (it really is the best ice cream in town). Anyway, there were also a lot of parents with one or more brats hanging on to their trousers, but we didn’t care; we were happy and splashing all around us, pretending to have leafs as boats and guide them away into the unknown. Apparently our game wasn’t appreciated by the other moms because all the children wanted to join us, but of course the parents were telling them they are not allowed to do that, because they will get wet and catch a cold. Sure, it’s ok to let your kids be violent with other kids, but it’s forbidden for them to have fun, because they will get sick. We splashed some more and finally when all the leaf-boats were casted away into the fountain-ocean, we made the other parents happy and left.

I ended my day riding the bike and thinking about a new short story subject, so it couldn’t have ended better. As I am writing this, I am thinking that tomorrow I should tell you more about the glass-girl; and maybe I will. Over and out!

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Writer In Florence Ela Vasilescu